Was It Really Love?

Voluptuous – Word of the Day


Imelda May (celebs101.com), singer, musician who is accomplished in blues, jazz, and rockabilly. In my mind, a visual definition of voluptuous.


Was It Really Love?

Warm Juno,
luscious Venus,
curved angel of delight,
with Lucifer upon your lips,
revenant of my dreams,
flame of my youth,
was it really love?

©Paul Vincent Cannon





Filed under life, music, poetry, Quadrille, romance

12 responses to “Was It Really Love?

  1. When I think of voluptuous, Marilyn Monroe comes to mind first.

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  2. lol and if wasn’t love it was l_st 🙂

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  3. “Absolutely, if I get stuck I could do a series” – more than that I think. An endless series. 🙂

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  4. lync56



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