Living The Questions

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Straight ahead or turn left? (Frost’s poem comes to mind again Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken ). In the end it may not, but then again it might be a good choice! If only I could decide. One of the many tracks to walk or ride in Borannup Forest.

“Love says ‘I am everything.’ Wisdom says ‘I am nothing.’ Between the two, my life flows.”    Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Living The Questions

As I sat and inhaled the morning’s brew,
I mused that not all was slings and arrows,
nor was there a troubled sea to ponder,
just a vague sense that the horizon was unclear
and that life really is a series of questions
rather than a series of decisions,
for decisions only lead to more questions,
and the cycle endlessly repeats.
I am more resolved to this now
than my younger self,
to sit with the tension between two points,
to savour, to weigh, to wait, to play.
The joy is in the anticipation,
s lovers would agree,
not always in the resolution.
As I sit sipping my morning brew
I recognise I’ve come to enjoy the pleasures
of perhaps, of maybe, or let’s wait and see,
to see all sides,
and to play all characters,
till my circle has enlarged,
and there is no singularity,
no monochrome,
in fact, no circle at all,
simply the experience of
the beauty and the vagaries of life,
and to live the questions.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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30 responses to “Living The Questions

  1. very good to live between these words

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  2. had to laugh to myself, concerning Frost’s conundrum… my son (6 years old) would immediately blurt out: take both, take both. 🙂

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  3. You summed it up pretty well. Life is more questions than answers. All w can do is live in the moment.

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  4. we have to learn to live with the questions whilst living in the moment … lovely conundrum 🙂

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  5. Aww, love this Paul. I feel the same in so many ways.

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  6. I sometimes you write my feelings. However, I am not as patient or tolerant as you are. 😌

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  7. I once read that E.E. Cummings once said that about the only poem that Frost had ever written that he (Cummings) liked, was The Road Not Taken. I pretty much agree.
    Your poem (above) i do like, no question. 🙂

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  8. I love Frost, but then I am a New Englander. I admire how one minute he’s on the road less traveled, and the next minute he knows he has promises to keep…very thoughtful blog!

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  9. This post is such a breath of fresh air, a calming pause where peace resides… I so enjoy your poetry and blog. Thank you for sharing these reflections with us (…as I sip my morning coffee, inspired to ponder some questions…) 😊🌻☕️

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  10. lync56

    Very true


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  11. Excellent piece and brilliantly penned!!! Bravo, Paul!!!

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  12. Cherry

    So very true of life these days! So many valid points of view to consider and no easy decisions! Acceptance is a work in progress!

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