One Day Soon

Atone – Word of the Day


Christine Blasey Ford, who dared to call out not just a man, not just a powerful man, but a presumptuous power culture. Mother, aunt, sister, cousin, friend, colleague, neighbour … we’re all connected.



One Day Soon

She is every woman from every place,
from factory floor to research lab,
she has been assaulted everywhere,
from home to conflict zones,
she’s been invaded and degraded,
tables turned
now offender,
victim on trial.
Liar, Liar, crucify her,
bay the kangaroo court of power,
the ancient privileged cyclops
who laugh and jeer,
and feel supreme,
yet deep down,
driven by a fear that,
just maybe,
one day
they must atone.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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20 responses to “One Day Soon

  1. I love this. Powerful.

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  2. A very courageous piece, Paul! Ancient privileged cyclops for sure!
    Today, while i waited in the hospital waiting room during my wife’s Sciatica operation, a group of elderly people put Fox News on the television and were raving about how perfect Donald Trump is. I then, who was sitting next to them, got up and said,”What’s perfect about letting the environment go down the drain? What’s perfect about cutting and eliminating healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid and giving the money to the top filthy rich? His followers are the equivalent of Nazis.” I then moved to a more distant area away from them. I’m not even political, but this is going (and getting) too ugly here in the U.S. with too much blind acceptance and cult-like following.

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  3. every word thought and deed has repurcusions … he and the idiot who dared to mock her will have some mighty uncomfortable karma to deal with … well said Paul!
    It has happened far too often so now is the time to stand up …

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  4. I almost just want to go under the covers. It is so depressing to see this happen.

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  5. lync56

    Well said – powerful


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