Voices In The Glade

Glade – Word of the Day


One of my many photos of Borannup forest, the glade is just in front.


Voices In The Glade

So profound was my experience that day,
when I entered that glade,
and felt the place.
There I surrendered my adopted
sophisticated self,
returning to my true child,
dazzled by delights so simple,
humble, natural, and beautiful.
How could it be that the honeyeater,
a dew drop, that dry leaf, the spider,
a skink or two,
a rock,
could change the very core of me?
This I know,
I left that glade
knowing there was more than I,
an intricate flow of life
that spoke to me,
and, overcome,
without words
my soul ran over.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





Filed under bush walking, Country, environment, Forest, life, meditation, mindfulness, nature, poetry

17 responses to “Voices In The Glade

  1. that looks so peaceful to me

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  2. I think that was one of my word of the days too. Lol

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  3. Thank you for this peaceful words and image, Paul! Have a nice week. Michael

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  4. simply divine … words and photo 🙂

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  5. lync56

    You impart such a powerful sense of this space and its impact


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