My poem ‘Seduction’ was published online at Poppy Road Review.





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40 responses to “Seduction

  1. Congratulations. That’s a very happy thing to happen.

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  2. Congratulations Paul. Spring brings out the best in all I guess. Truly magical πŸ’–

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  3. Many congrats πŸ’πŸŽ‰

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  4. Congratulations, well deserved and a wonderful poem!

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  5. That’s wonderful, Paul…and so is the poem!

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  6. I loved this poem. Congratulations!!

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  7. yea, congrats, going over to look now!
    How did you get onto them?

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  8. Congratulations Paul. Such a lovely one.

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  9. I like the poem, it’s romantic!


  10. Congratulations! It’s a beautiful poem as always.

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  11. lync56

    Fantastic well deserved


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