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Mr Jangled

Bloodcurdling – Word of the Day



Mr Jangled

Sitting contented,
sipping a mellow red
staring out the window,
as Peer Gynt is coming to apotheosis,
when my senses are rent,
shredded, jangled,
as a bloodcurdling “aaiieee”
pierces the air.
A portent?
I run,
imagining the worst,
apprehensive, heart pumping,
I push through the door,
not knowing what carnage I might find,
and confused,
taking in the incongruous scene,
I burst into laughter,
a spider on the floor,
my wife on a chair,
eyes dilated in terror,
speechless and
pointing a deadly shoe.
The spider released,
whiskey in hand,
some smooth Dianna Krall to
unjangle with.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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It Starts Slow – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Rivulet – Word of the Day


Bluff Knoll. It began as a rivulet then turned to a trickle, and following the showers, a running creek.


It Starts Slow

That sultry night,
dancing slow,
I felt your heart speaking,
as I traced the line of your neck
to your lips,
while in the small of your back
a bead was speaking of your passion,
and just for a moment,
I felt you shudder.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Your Real Words – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Repress – Word of the Day


Photo (Google images): Artist Ai Weiwei of China, who is a noted dissident, has been arrested several times, and has claimed that he was assaulted by police in 2009, and again in 2010. See The Guardian There are many dissidents throughout the world, and throughout history who have stood for human rights, they often pay with their lives.

 Your Real Words

As soon as it begins
there is no possibility of speaking,
your words are no longer your words,
they are artfully abstracted to fit
predestined verdicts,
skilfully distorted for truth,
so that nothing is real
and no one believes you.
Sometimes doubt colonises your mind,
but not your heart,
the place where you stand true,
in spite of your brokenness
and exhaustion,
retrieving your real words for all to see,
the butterfly effect that will
waft away empires of finite minds.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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What Hope? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Angst – Word of the Day




What Hope?

He left her broken body,
their child a silent mess,
the landlord has no patience,
her friends have closed her out,
the family turned away.
They’d warned her of the prospects,
lectured long and hard,
for better or worse it’s her bed now,
but her shoulders are bowed with strain.
She worries for their child,
what love is this?
What hope?
The food is running low,
though a stranger gave her money,
enough till welfare day almost,
but will there always be tomorrow,
will there be a birthday too?
Should she take back the bruises?
at least he brought her bread.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Sweet Hell – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Mephistophelian – Word of the Day




Sweet Hell

I catch my breath,
though everyone else seems oblivious
that the air is acrid,
the night charged
swirling and dangerous.
I pray you won’t notice me,
and I would make some other pact
to sell my soul, because
if you look up,
I am gone, done for, bedevilled,
And if you smile that deliciously wicked smile
of promise I could never resist,
I’ll have no escape,
and the kind of sweet hell I dream of,
ache for,
will possess me once again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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The Memory Remains – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Impressionable – Word of the Day


Photo:  Splendid Fairy Wren


The Memory Remains

The dusky room of worn out boards
and endless drone,
where colour fades
and nothing glows,
whiskey days and ash trays,
stale air and chatter.
And as I gazed out on the world
of thunderstorm
and greyed sky,
I saw a momentary flutter.
And there in this dour sea,
a flash of blue so vivid,
it jolted
my heart awake,
a flood of joy so strong,
the memory remains,
and hope, I sensed,

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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This Escapade – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Escapade – Word of the Day


Winter on the Blackwood River a few years ago.

This Escapade
The guilty pleasure of time stolen,
no one waiting or knowing,
with no appointed time to place us anywhere,
even Cronos wasn’t looking.
And so the world gently faded
as the river called us along
to sing its free-form song,
that together we would flow
and be yes to each other,
imperfectly complete,
and fully wondered.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Unmake For A While – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Change – 5 Lines


Photo: unattributed, found on Bing Images.

Roughly: Butterfly – eggs – caterpillar- chrysalis – butterfly. The photo above shows a butterfly emerging form its chrysalis, a transforming process.


Unmake For A While

In order to do one must first be,
and to be one must withdraw to a quiescent space
and unmake for awhile,
before unfolding into newness refreshed,

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Incomparable Nature – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Manifestation – Word of the Day


Planted from tube-stock, so quite small, but in this photo twelve months old and tripled in size, and since ten times in size. This is an Isopogon cuneatus (Proteaceae), a low growing plant endemic to Australia – 35 species, of which 27 are found in Western Australia.


Incomparable Nature

Such an extrovert,
you have no shame at all,
always flirting,
so brazenly displaying yourself
for all to see,
disrobing at every turn,
nothing hidden,
plying your natural wiles
as mermaids singing their hypnotic song
drawing me down, down,
to gaze upon your beauty
and stay with you in an eternity
of longing and,
as you hold my every breath,
and steal my eyes and my hours,
my senses are captive
to your incomparable charms.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Fusion (△H=n△Hfus) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Spectre – Word of the Day




Fusion  (△H=n△Hfus)

Once when I was lysergic,
I knew a little ecstasy,
and though mere distortion,
I had never known such colour,
such shapes,
or feelings,
until I looked upon a dragonfly
dancing across the water,
a prismatic dewdrop on a blade,
and the sun bowing in the eve
in a climax beyond experience.
But of all the heights,
and there have been many,
nothing comes close
to the ecstasy we ignite.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Note: △H=n△Hfus is the equation for the heat of fusion – which is the required amount of energy needed for matter to change from a solid to a liquid without an increase in temperature of the matter. (see And ecstasy is a related to spectre.



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