The Dragon

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Last week we spent a couple of days on the wildflower run, and at Leda Reserve, apart from the stunning array of flowers I was enthralled with this gem as well, a gargoyle perched on a rock – can you see it too? This one was clearly sent to protect Leda.


The Dragon

La Gargouille, terror of Rouen,
you lost your head When Romanus made the sign,
and now you sit in judgement of your kin,
though, instead of fire, you spout water,
La Gargouille, protector of Rouen.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



Note: Gargoyles date back to ancient Egypt, but the term gargoyle comes from the dragon slaying story of c. 600 AD where the priest Romanus captures the Dragon –  La Gargouille, which was terrorising the town of Rouen, and the villagers cut off its head and burn it at the stake. However the head wouldn’t burn, so instead they place Gargouille’s head on the church to ward off evil and warn other dragons to stay away.



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31 responses to “The Dragon

  1. The Spartan queen and the swan.

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  2. Super photo, Paul! There areseveral faces in that one!

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  3. There is much going on in that rock formation. It’s like gazing up into the clouds.
    I wasn’t aware of the history of gargoyles….interesting.

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  4. Water is such a strong element that it forms natural gargoyles on rocks. I saw very artistic gargoyles in Paris.

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  5. Even for a gargoyle – beheaded, out in all kinds of weather, and having to maintain a stony silence – this fellow looks particularly grouchy! What a fun post!

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  6. Did not know about the story of gargoyles. Nature is really amazing, isn’t it?

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  7. MNL

    it took a little while but then I saw the head. I didn’t know that about gargoyles — that it was a roman and french legend

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  8. Love those gnarled ugly faces, so beautiful!

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  9. Very nice photo and an educational post for me! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  10. That’s an amazing click Paul and thanks for the enlightening note!

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  11. I see 2 faces, one single mouth and on the left a female body 🙂

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  12. lync56

    I like the idea of this protecting this site



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