Read Your Maille

Panoply – RDP




Read Your Maille

needing no one,
guarding every fibre of your being,
your body chained,
protected against the words
that might one day creep under your maille,
and steal your distance,
bring you close
and expose the wound of love
you cannot bear to feel.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Chainmail is derived from the French ‘Maille’ which is in turn derived from the Latin ‘Macula’ (meaning mesh or net). Chainmail is thought to have been invented by the Celts before the 5th century AD.




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13 responses to “Read Your Maille

  1. ah writing about me again, thanks!

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  2. And ‘maillot’ (little mail ) in French means speedos!

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  3. Maillot is also a women’s one-piece swimsuit, but I also never connected the words. Interesting!

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  4. Wow..paul thanks for sharing the origin of this word.

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  5. lync56

    Mmmm unnervingly familiar


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