Corner Girl

Taciturn – Word of the Day

Hyacinth Bucket, the quintessential snob and taciturn type – from “Keeping Up Appearances”


Corner Girl

I saw you over in the corner,
away from the hum of the parlour debate
where opinion passed as fact,
your anxiety hidden by a cool poise
that some thought was an air of snobbery,
your stance aloof.
But I knew you wanted to run away,
to hide,
avoiding the ignoble prattle
of the wine glass heroes
that violated every sense.
You wanted to find a safe space,
that included all you hold dear,
and fill it with creative visions of joy.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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16 responses to “Corner Girl

  1. She is one character! She makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

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  2. Hyacinth, is a combination of my mother and my sister … your poem is far more kind 🙂

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  3. It’s a paradox – most clergy are introvert (some surveys put it as high as 75% when only 50% of the “normal” population is introverted). In a parish where there were several retired/non-parochial clergy, one spouse remarked, “He’ll stay behind til last if he has taken the service. Otherwise, he takes off as quickly as he can. Most clerge are like that!”
    As an introvert, I like your poem because it values the impulse not to be constantly over your head in people’s noise!

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    • Thanks Ted, yes, I have read similar material and I find that intriguing. I am the only extrovert of the four of our family, and only two of the four in our menagerie are extroverted. It has been a very interesting journey thus far. Though even as an extrovert, there are those rare days when I crave a cave 🙂


  4. lync56

    So well said – this is me


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