Not For Me

Obsequious – Word of the Day



Not For Me

What possessed you?
Did you think I’d be impressed if you grovelled?
That I wouldn’t wonder where your dignity lay?
Surely, lower that the soles of my shoes
which you readily moistened with your lips.
What chance respect now?
Now that you’ve declared an unreserved submission
that was never once desired,
least of all by me?
What hope is there for you, for me, for all the world?
And end to it!
Arise and speak with me
of needs and wants, hopes and dreams,
of far away lands and desperate sorrows,
of grief, of love, of sparrows.
And let us look each other in the eye and know
that we can trust our truths
and hold each other’s dreams
and keep our shoes dry,
lest in turn, we own each other.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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12 responses to “Not For Me

  1. Rightly spoken words 😊😊

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  2. Reminds me of the observation of some Southerners prior to the Civil War that the man who owned slaves was also owned by them. That is, he was forced to play a role, put on a front, with few opportunities to let down his guard.

    Of course that speaks nothing of the other evils of submission and subservience.

    Thought provoking poem.

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  3. Very powerful thoughts and feelings.

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  4. Yes powerful and thought provoking indeed … I never agreed with the Indians who touch others feet … not quite kissing them but the obeisance was not lost on me and little respect accompanied the action

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