Duress – Word of the Day


Photo: pexels.com



Your breath kisses me before our lips delight,
the softest kiss of all,
and your eyes speak the mystery of wanting,
a celestial language of ascent
that needs no words,
only the pulse of desire,

©Paul Vincent Cannon





Filed under love, poetry, Quadrille, romance

17 responses to “Wanting

  1. This is so beautiful, & desirous. Well penned

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  2. That’s just how it is Paul… beautifully captured…

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  3. Both the poetry & the Photograph are wonderful.Now I am in Romantic mood.
    Thanks you so much PVCANN

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  4. chucks and I thought you didn’t care ….

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  5. Yup. That caress of someone’s breath is purely sensuous.

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  6. Whoa! What an exquisite and romantic portrayal of the instant before kissing!! So sensuous!!! Beautifully penned, Paul! You may enjoy my “Her Eyes” and the quotes at the end, if you haven’t read it yet. It’s an older post!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

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  7. lync56

    Poetry at its best


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