That First One

Mentor – Word of the Day


Mentor: In Homer’s epic “Odyssey” Mentor was the trusted friend of Odysseus, and during the the time that Odysseus was away fighting in the Trojan war, Mentor cared for Odysseus’ son Telemachus. Mentor’s role was to prepare Telemachus for leadership of the family. And so we use the term today to describe someone who takes us under their wing so that they can help and guide us in matters of life and study and work. See also, Mentor

That First One

There’s always that first one,
perhaps you remember?
That kiss,
crossing the line,
warm with excitement.
Intimacies that temporarily quench desire,
but are not love.
Rather, they are a course woven through desire,
a learning of love,
of how to be love,
to be a lover.
That first one is our guide,
a gift of loved learning.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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14 responses to “That First One

  1. Loved this one Paul. Indeed many a times it is our guide what we want. And how far we can go for that person.

    Best Wishes
    Amrita 💕

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  2. I have sometimes harbored the radically dangerous notion that we’d all be better off if our first times were mentored by some experienced, compassionate person.

    I liked the poem. It brought back memories

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  3. lync56

    Interesting application of this word – once again a fantastic poem


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