Never Gloss

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Hot Rod and Street Machine gathering at Westonia, I would never own one nor attempt to restore one myself, but I sure do appreciate the wonderful results achieved by these owners, a joy to behold. Love that glossy duco.


Never Gloss

Your beauty stops traffic and silences rooms,
many have desired you,
yet so few have you loved.
And, seeing only with their eyes,
they have missed you completely,
registering only Factor, Rubinstein,and Laude.
The restaurant you,
the bedroom you.
But then there’s the real you,
public yet unseen,
the one who reads Kafka, Camus, Plato and Plath,
the one who feels life.
Your true beauty is your love
for all that breathes and lives.

ยฉPaul Vincent Cannon




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20 responses to “Never Gloss

  1. I love that beauty too.

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  2. Loved the way you have described the beauty of the vintage cars and the sense of achievement of owning them.

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  3. A 1928 Ford chop-top – that’s what a few of the fosters did. Yellow, of course, like the movie – what an achievement! A dream, combined with the need to learn the skills necessary, add a dash of commitment, passion, and help. Voila! Beauty and magic, an eye-turner.

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  4. Blue! Blue!!!! My bestie loves the color blue, so I’ll purchase that blue beauty to the front please Muchas gracias seรฑor! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Beautiful poem!

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  5. Nasuko

    These Cars are from Australia?


  6. wow you really have unleashed the romantic …

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  7. lync56

    wow interesting play of words


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