Imperious – Word of the Day


Darth Vader, an example of imperiousness, and one of many fictional characters who exemplify arrogance, control, dictatorial behaviour, tyrannical behaviour and so on.



how the small minded always get on a high horse,
and how the over-inflated so easily shrink,
or how the mindless swallow empty verbiage.
And all the while,
the world suffering the arrogance of
hollow gesture and the prattle of meaninglessness.
But who am I that I should blame another,
when I should, with all integrity,
reflect on my own imprint on life,
and make amends?

©Paul Vincent Cannon




Filed under life, poetry, politics, self-development

23 responses to “Question

  1. Maybe it’s why stories highlight aspects of the potential and risk of these things …
    Be confident in life, knowing you don’t tread upon others …
    Still not saying it as well as your poem.

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  2. That’s what I’m asking too! Brilliantly penned!

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  3. I think you’re quite right, Paul, that arguing with “the small minded” is a largely futile task. It might do some good now and then, bur rarely, I think. The best we can do, as you say, is try to be as good as we ourselves can be.

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  4. Wonderful lines! “Who am I”, 100% agree.

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  5. Great piece!
    A new post is up on my blog. Be sure to check it out:)

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  6. Shouldn’t we all ? Excellent!

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  7. wow a powerful punch .. so right, love it!

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  8. lync56

    Well said


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