Verdant – Word of the Day


The verdant sea of lush green and pink, as everlastings burst forth in their annual declaration of spring. Datjoin reserve on the Burakin-Wialki Road today.



Ah, spring, such seduction, such beauty,
a carpet of vibrant surprise.
At your invitation
I traced your rain gouged furrows,
I fell in love with you and
caressed your beauty as I
lay in your lush and verdant places,
never once averting my eyes.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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42 responses to “Seduction

  1. I thought I might feel jealous of your moving into spring but actually, autumn is my favourite season with winter a close second. It reminds me how we all need to slow down and hibernate sometimes… crawling into a comfy cave and sleeping for a few months sounds far too attractive right now.
    Beautiful poems x

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  2. What an amazing sight and I love your poetic response to it!

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  3. Gorgeous scene and words, Paul!

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  4. Beautiful description of the spring and the beauty it beings which is indeed seductive.

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  6. Beautiful picture 💕💕💕

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  7. It reminds me of Eneabba, but they have mainly white and yellow, swathes of them, and it’s not a place I’d call verdant at any other time of the year, but Spring … the shows are magical.


  8. We are moving into autumn right now – with still sunny days 🙂

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  9. lync56

    So beautiful the place and flowees and your poem

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  10. Spring has come!Beautiful!!:D
    In Japan,as soon as Autumn~:D

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  11. Oh, you make me dream about springtime and autumn is coming! …
    Have a nice sunday!

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  12. What an amazingly lovely place! It goes well with your poem, Paul.

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  13. I can only image what that carpet of flowers must look and smell like in person. I haven’t seen anything like that in years.

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  14. The words and the image compliment each other.

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  15. She sure is a lovely meadow indeed! ❤ attired in my fav color too 🙂

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  16. wow what a spectacular photo and sensual poem to express the beauty of nature 🙂

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