Wetland Blues

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Locally known as the Big Swamp, which is a misnomer because it is not a swamp, it is a wetland in the true sense. I believe that in our Australian context the use of the word swamp is government/developer code for waste land – you can guess why. But to call it a wetland is to honour it and which of course leads to its protection. This a true riparian juncture between creeks and wetlands, and a wonderful ecosystem.

Wetland Blues

I had a thirst like no other I’d had
so I went to the bar and asked for a drink.
“What’ll it be?” the bartender asked.
“Whiskey”I replied.
“What mixer?” he enquired.
“O just give me some strychnine.” I said
and his jaw hit the ground with a, like,
that’s weird, are you completely mad
ain’t gonna happen kinda look.
“Just joking mate.” I laughed.
His eyebrows were question marks,
I could see, so I added –
“Well, isn’t that what we do with our water?
plastic, refuse, car bodies and waste,
we’ve filled the wetlands
and poisoned the place?
Rust with your sparkling sir?
Oil with your tap?
A bag with your Riesling,
wrappers with shiraz?
Or how about some soup with plastic string?”
Now we would never eat or drink that,
but I often wonder how the ducks cope
or the frogs survive,
our world is a toilet
in which we breathe and dine,
where no one can flush.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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35 responses to “Wetland Blues

  1. Great one! 🙂
    People certainly do abuse nature. Then too, many abuse themselves with foods laden with fructose, synthetics, pesticides, and goodness knows what.

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  2. Well said – clarity; how do we get people to clean it up? to consider the life of the planet over cash in the hand? to govern for country and people, and not for the grand idea of being number one?
    Thanks, Paul, this was a great story.

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  3. This is a sad state of the pollution where the innocent animals have to bear the brunt of our carelessness towards nature.

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  4. A poem with a punch. It seems like such an obvious, inarguable truth – this is our home. Despite all the talk about colonizing Mars, the only home we have. Despite all the talk about humans merging with computers, the only environment that can sustain us. And yet we will continue to treat it like a toilet.

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  5. Excellent poem … and so very true. I could actually picture the look on the barkeep’s face!

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  6. Catchy way to make a point! It is sad that it needs to be made.

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  7. It’s sad we humans the species with a higher level of consciousness and thought, based on our actions those are contradictions in terms. All other species adapt to their environment but we being special little creatures we alter, manipulate subjugate! then exploitation before the devastation followed my our expiration if we don’t have a revelation.

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  8. well pointed out there. This is common in my environment. A lot of lands labelled swampy & neglected, & later turned into a cabbage ground….. & they all end up polluting that environment.

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  9. Wonderful piece. Food for thought Paul.

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  10. lync56

    So well said again powerful and a disgrace that this is indeed how we treat our world


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  11. Reblogged this on Go Dog Go Café and commented:
    A poem that is a wakeup call! Well done!

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  12. What a great way to express how better care we should be taking of our natural surroundings!

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