Love Doesn’t Need A Cape

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Love Doesn’t Need A Cape

The ancient diesel generator thrums
solitary sentinel in the night.
And yet it is peaceful,
the rebels have moved on
to torment other outposts of misery
in this vast wilderness.
The thrum tells that the hospital is at work,
late into the night
as it has these past months,
or is it years?
I’ve lost count in the blur.
The team will work till they drop,
as they always do
in this sea of sorrow.
Trying to restore life
to staunch the loss of future,
that landmines and bullets have stolen,
cauterising love
before it turns to despondency.
There is no telephone booth in this village,
love doesn’t need a cape.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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25 responses to “Love Doesn’t Need A Cape

  1. This makes the cost of war immediate and visceral. It also shows the heroism of the hospital workers. A solid, inspiring poem. Thank you for it.

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  2. So many unwavering heroes in so many places doing their work unselfishly
    each day. You captured this so well.

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  3. I agree with Paul Sunstone, solid & inspiring, I particularly like the part that begins “The thrum tells…” Hoping there aren’t more horrors to come for the White Helmets in Syria, when Idlib falls.

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  4. So many unsung heroes! So well said .

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  5. lync56

    Another amazing poem


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  6. Nasuko

    Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.

     Nelson Mandela

    words”poverty”etc are able to be replaced by other words that ,War,…etc. 😀

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  7. A very real tribute to those who work so hard to erase the collateral damage of war mongers … thanks Paul!

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