That Summer

Tempestuous – Word of the Day



That Summer

As summer progressed
the buffel grass yellowed and the wattle dried,
tinder to a flame.
Our lemon tree shrivelled its fruit
preserving its moisture,
as dust drifted in from far paddocks,
signs of a long dry ahead.
The unrelenting sun burnt into the tin roof
and we sweated every move.
That summer
we dared to start a fire
a tempest like no other.
We could barely speak,
nothing would extinguish it,
pure combustion.
That summer we started a fire,
a tempest like no other kindled our hearts
your hair like flames,
eyes alight,
my lips burned.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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22 responses to “That Summer

  1. Gosh! I love this! Good one:)

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  2. Beautifully executed love poem! Quite passionate.

    There is a custom among Southern US poets and song writers to tie nature into a mood. Such as — if you’re feeling sad — to begin a poem by describing how desolate the winter foliage is, or how bleak the weather. When it’s done a certain way, it’s not just a comparison — it’s an implication that nature feels the same way you do.


  3. B.

    Oh wow! Passion and torment… !

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  4. Oh my! This is red hot. Love it.

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  5. lync56

    Wow amazing use of words – beautiful


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  6. ah the fire of love …

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