La Capella (The Chapel)

Exhilarating – Word of the Day


Beedelup Falls, Pemberton. For me the bush is exhilarating, it refreshes and restores me. This is my true chapel.

La Capella (The Chapel)

I drink,
breathe in,
those familiar smells
of this hallowed place.
Myrtles form your vaulted ceiling
which resounds with the chant of my praise.
While your aisles are damp, meandering paths
through open woodland,
and at its center
your altar of rugged granite.
And yet, there is no intended sacrifice
save that which surrenders itself for another.
Sunrise and sunset are your stained glass,
an ever changing story of light and life.
Ravens, your gargoyles, guard the narthex,
announcing every entrance,
for everyone is called to this sacred space,
a sanctuary of wonder and delight.
This chapel of life-breath and beauty,
a sublime offering,
life giving.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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30 responses to “La Capella (The Chapel)

  1. Exhilarating indeed. Such a peaceful, beautiful place.

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  2. A sanctuary to recharge. Wonderful

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  3. I agree. Nothing more rejuvenating than being in nature’s beauty.

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  4. A beautiful place and your poem added beauty to it

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  5. I love this one … it brings images of peace in the midst of all the chaos.

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  6. “Sunrise and sunset are your stained glass”. Beautiful line. Could even be a famous quote someday. “Sunrise and sunset are nature’s stained glass.” — Paul Cann.

    I feel much the same way about nature as you do.

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  7. So much peace in one writing. 💕🙌 thanks for sharing Paul

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  8. Beautiful evocation, Paul

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  9. lync56

    Wow love this one especially – it drew me back to places in the bush we have visited and have felt these feelings


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  10. Wow. No words. This is absolutely beautiful!!

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  11. Ah a lovely contrast to your last one … get a different context reading them in quick succession. We all love to worship in the chapel of nature, it’s the best of all 🙂


  12. Interesting. I’ve always thought of sunlight cascading through the woods as a natural cathedral.

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