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Plush Opinions

Such a beautiful armchair,
fit for a royal,
sitting in this velvet throne,
jaw set against the world,
eyes righteous.
From this regal center
you rail against
everything that affects your realm
of small suburbia,
ever moralising
from cigarettes to popes,
drowning everyone.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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24 responses to “Plush Opinions

  1. Can a whole poem be made by one word? What about the absence of one word? To me, this poem becomes brilliant in the last line where you say, “drowning everyone” rather than “drowning out everyone”, as I might have said. The former is so evocative. It expands, rather than contracts the meaning and significance of the guy’s behavior.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. ‘Sitting in his velvet throne, with jaw set against the world’ beautiful lines ✌🏾🌸

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  3. oh the armchair seer who pontificates while wasting their own life .. very well written!

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  4. Yup, I got the couch-based judging by the aristocrats of the society.

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  5. Good poem, packs a punch.
    When one of my grandfathers would hear someone pontificating, he’d usually let them wheeze on a bit, and then would smile and declare “Thus Endeth the Lesson” — generally the soapbox speaker would get the message. Don’t think it would work nowadays, though.

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  6. Can’t save the world from an armchair!

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  7. JayParkhe

    Wow! Loved it. Regards jay

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