Vola Come Un’aquila (Fly as an Eagle)

Volatile – Word of the Day


Part of the Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Vola Come Un’aquila (Fly as an Eagle)

What could I tell you, human?
What could I say that would interest you?
You who rules the earth without thought,
with every capacity for endings
rather than beginings.
Ruled by your ego,
rather than presence to
all that could be.
And here I am
soaring above the clouds,
observing the snow topped pines,
without suitcase of ages past,
without concern for tomorrow,
for tomorrow doesn’t exist,
simply this moment that I fly into
is all that matters.
What could I tell you?

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Volare from the Italian which stems from the Latin Volar – to fly, but which also derives from the Latin for Volatile.





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18 responses to “Vola Come Un’aquila (Fly as an Eagle)

  1. Time keeps on slippin’ Into the future

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  2. A lot, if we would listen.

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  3. What indeed! For we refuse to listen.

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  4. Nasuko

    Excellent topics and comments!!:D

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  5. To live in the moment, not ruled by the ego: That would be very helpful for mankind.

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  6. love this! Living in the Himalayas for years I often wondered what they could tell me as I watched them hunting or just catching wind swirls … so free and proud 🙂


  7. Lovely piece! I love the little touch of Italian added to the title! 😉 blessings & peace!

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  8. Quite a sharp — and somewhat painful — look at humanity.

    I don’t know why this thought comes to mind, but I rather like the way the Native Americans saw species as “nations” or “peoples”, just as they were a nation or people.

    Love how you characterize the eagle’s perspective. I’d wager you got it right.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. lync56

    Love this one – I love eagles and yes a beautiful play with their view – definitely like the mindfulness (living in the present moment) that would be their life



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