The Space To Breathe

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The Space To Breathe

Sat for hours on the road with the
daily symphony of honking and yelling
playing for free.
The drama of life around me,
someone scratching their nose,
that woman doing her lippy, why?
The duff, duff, duff, of house music,
young guy talking up a storm on handsfree,
wipers working to a squeak on the glass horizon.
The psychics at traffic report fail yet again.
One day they’ll surprise me!
I arrive with no enthusiasm
only regret for the codependency I have
for the bills that need me.
I ascend,
but I go down,
the lift bell tolls for me.
The walk of resignation,
my desk cold and grey,
with little hello about it.
The screen is not switched on,
but it reflects my blank frustration,
and everything grinding me down.
B wants a meeting,
miss serious wants file 10,
notice of staff development on Monday,
does any of it matter, really matter?
The motions,
the drudge,
I just want to stop
and find space to breathe
and know myself again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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44 responses to “The Space To Breathe

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  2. You describe well the fruitless pursuits of our lives.

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  3. This is really well written, really emotive somehow- felt like I was walking with resignation with you,being ground down with you :/ In a good way! Of course!

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  4. 🙂 Yes, i feel that there is less and less space in the world. More people do need space (and not just the limited space of thought.)

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  5. such a stark reflection of the drudgery and the monotonous work life.

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  6. I hope you get it, brother.

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  7. Makes me not want to go to work! So well written!!

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    • Thank you for your reflection and those encouraging words too. Don’t get fired. I’m finding that too many people are just getting by to pay the bills, and not really able to work in more energising creative ways.

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  8. Sounds like your previous life, Paul ?

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  9. lync56

    Yes I am sure you have encapsulated the reality of many workers in our society


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  10. The drudgery of being alive!

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  11. I call that survival mode not living … we really need to evaluate our goals and healthier ways to achieve them … make them more realistic 🙂

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  12. Ah the reality of the work world! We need to stop, take a breathe, take a break away from that world for a while and most importantly pray! Spend time with God and tune into His beautiful presence! He’s right there always waiting to hear from us. This was a very well written and deep one!!
    God bless! 🙂

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  13. I can feel you. It makes me want to go on a vacation lol.

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