The Narrative Of Walls

Ubiquitous – Word of the Day


The Narrative Of Walls

The old brick wall was always there,
but I’d left it unnoticed for a time.
It held my gaze as I wandered by,
and I saw that it had aged
a little more than time allowed,
with the trace of salt along its base
and the dust of fretting bricks,
the earth returning to its place.
The wall is marked with histories,
of weather and of time,
the stains of rain and dogs
and local drunks.
Kissing couples,
and tennis balls
have grazed these ancient bricks.
I’ve leaned here,
and waited for a sign.
If I could squeeze this wall
it would have so much to give
by way of story,
some of it mine.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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36 responses to “The Narrative Of Walls

  1. if walls could speak – a really good story between the lines

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  2. It’s a physical fact of acoustics that the vibrations of every sound made near that wall is still captured within it and could be extracted if we knew how.

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    • I’ve often thought that now I know, thanks for that piece of info Ana.


      • There’s a rather notorious science fiction story based on this actual nonfiction fact — it’s great, featuring an aging prima donna and the technician who comes to vacuum her memories out of the theater’s walls. Very poignant. Wish I could remember the title for you. The author’s one of the first generation greats — Heinlein or Bradbury or someone like that.

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  3. loved these lines “dust of fretting bricks, the earth returning to its place”…some days, I feel a little of that weariness…

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  4. I agree with Sgeoil – – I liked those lines, an uncommon but very nice use of “fretting”
    and works nicely too, reminding me of “Life’s but a walking shadow…(that) frets his hour upon the stage”

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  5. walls and rooms could tell us so much, lovely creation Paul 🙂

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  6. lync56

    I love how you can get a wall to tell a story


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  7. Another great poem. I like writing poetry, but I struggle with rhythm and rhyme. I always end up experiencing an urge to make it rhyme, even though I know it’s not required. The way you’re written this has, resonated, somehow. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. Seemingly simple with such a profound thought.


  9. “Ubiquitous” is a favorite word of mine. I think, though, that I mainly use it when discussing some human custom or practice that is found everywhere, in every culture.

    Someone had the good taste a while back to build the interior walls of a new restaurant using old, weathered bricks. Quite beautiful and atmospheric.

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    • I’d love that wall, we have a cafe here done out in old bricks, fabulous. Yes I follow your use of ubiquitous normally but on this ocassion I decided to infer the many tales as ther were bricks. 🙂

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