The Parenthesis Of Silence

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The Parenthesis Of Silence

To put away the day for just a moment,
and turn down the volume of my mind,
let alone every device of distraction,
to accept the seasons,
the songs of life,
and, the love of others,
to simply sit
with folded hands
in silence.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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45 responses to “The Parenthesis Of Silence

  1. It’s so hard to do, to cut yourself off from this technology that we are all addicted too… I think I need to give myself that space though.
    Really loved this piece.

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  2. Lovely writing. You gave me peace as I read it! And I love the photo you chose.

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  3. The parenthesis of silence. I love that

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  4. You make it sound so easy when you put it down so beautifully but it is not so easy to do.
    Love the title too.

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  5. lync56

    Beautiful concept


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  6. my preoccupation … know this guy in your photo [wink wink]

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  7. Nasuko


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  8. Love it,Words put beautifully and a great message too.Are you a poet by birth ? Though I know nothing about poetry and many times struggle to understand the meaning….you are making things ,simpler to me.Thanks a ton.

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  9. Thanks 🙏 this poem will be perfect inspiration and reminder for me to continue to practice building upon my Meditation habits.

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  10. Alas! I’ve never been able to completely still my mind to silence. I have, however, been able to attain some benefits to meditation nevertheless.

    An old poem, written twenty years ago:

    I sit in the evening
    The rain on my face
    Watching things rise
    And watching things fall.

    And I don’t know the names
    Of the things that I see
    But I know what to do
    And not do.

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  11. It’s what I want to do sometimes.

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