Ain’t Life Grand?

Poor – 5 Lines




Ain’t Life Grand?

We were raised dirt poor though we never understood,
there were holes in our shoes, in everything,
well, that’s the way we were.
And though we desired gold and fine things,
we took our refuge in grand imagined worlds.

©Paul vincent Cannon




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23 responses to “Ain’t Life Grand?

  1. Hit me in the gut…as intended.

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  2. Oh this is beyond beautiful and laced with the reality of life

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  3. lync56

    Simple but thought provoking


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  4. echoes my childhood 🙂

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  5. Great lines.
    Our childhood was also a poor one. We were used to play in the nearby forest, every single day.

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  6. One sad reality of life. Wonderfully penned, Paul!

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  7. Sadly too true for so many. I was blessed to always have enough. Maybe not everything I wanted but everything I needed. Thank you for the reminder!

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