The SS Integrity Adrift

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Four Mexican fishermen who were adrift for one month, rescued by Mexican navy 1,200 miles from their planned route.


The SS Integrity Adrift

Eagerly we motored out and pushed beyond the heads,
to way past any sight of land,
to where the fish are known.
At some point,
too early,
the light became constrained.
As darkness pressed our souls,
we turned for home.
And if that wasn’t enough,
someone said in panicked tone
“We’re taking water now.”
And so began committee time,
clause by clause a values game,
what should we throw out?
So went the rods and then the bait,
a tackle box or two.
desperately  we ate our lunch
and skulled the beer down,
whatever helped us float.
Eventually we plugged the hole and bailed dry,
but now which way to go?
“Dunno mate” larconically said,
“We’ve thrown the compass out.”
We took turns to steer the night
so sleep could claim a few.
But when at last the sun appeared
despair set in,
home was nowhere near.
To make it worse the fuel ran out,
but at least the shore was close.
We paddled hard with all our might,
the current pushing hard,
though hard we tried the boat gave up,
and land was passing by.
Tired now,
our hearts and boat are one.
But to understand what’s happened here
you’ll have to catch my drift.

©Paul Cannon




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27 responses to “The SS Integrity Adrift

  1. adrift we float
    one last waning hope
    a faint breeze to catch
    onto salvation latch

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  2. Such experiences are not really amazing. 😉 Well written Paul! Michael

    Liked by 1 person

    • No they’re not. Poem works at to levels, as per the photo ther eis a real element of experience, but at the philosophical level, it raises the question as to when we might wake up to what is happening in our world. Many thanks Michael, good to hear from you.

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  3. Nasuko

    It was good to be rescued!!:D

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  4. No hope there, but they will convince themselves otherwise.

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  5. Oh my😱 scary experience…. Thank goodness you’re okay, & well written

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  6. A beautiful write. You are obviously a seafarer at heart. (-:

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  7. beautifully written … let them stay adrift until they get sense 🙂

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