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The screen was black and white though
eventually it faded to grey,
a sea of obsequious sorrow,
that vision of the ministry of love.
And, in my child’s mind,
I wanted to break out.
I deviated,
seeking to escape the doldrums
of melancholic existence and
predictable furrows.
Such frowns would imprison me,
but for the adventure of divergent colour,
thrumming wildly in my heart.

©Paul Cannon




Filed under life, mindfulness, poetry, politics, psychology

20 responses to “Escape

  1. I’m from Colorado… moved to Minnesota and now I’m moving to California… these beautiful words and view makes my think of home. My peaceful place.

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  2. A good write. liked the background photo

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  3. This is a real good on. So much sensivity, refinement, and delicacy. Thanks for that!


  4. lync56




  5. i like the words divergent colour – gives depth to the meaning of rebellion

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  6. Such beautiful words, Paul. I loved the poem and the photo. The poem resonated with me.

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