It’ll Be Fun!

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A spinnifex pigeon, Ormiston Gorge in the Tjoritja/West MacDonnell National Park, Northern Territory. There’s a small cafe there adjacent to the caravan park. this little fellow thinks that Geoff is holding his hand out with a treat and he made a brave run for it, even though he was wary at first, he plucked up the courage to try. He was disappointed, and we would never feed them – too much sugar in our foods especialy cake and biscuits which is deadly for most animals. Sadly, by this bird’s behaviour, I’d say tourists were regularly feeding the birds. Photo’s blurry, pigeon’s on the move.


It’ll Be Fun

My knuckles are white,
I look into the abyss,
earth is falling away,
and dawn reveals the distance of my terror.
You seem oblivious, all excited.
How did it come to this?
That moment you said “It’ll be fun” and
I agreed with such vigour,
secretly hating my mouth,
wanting to play the gunslinger,
I mounted the stallion of lies
and it bolted,
rushing me towards my doom,
“It’ll be fun” I lied.
And so we tramped the paddock
as darkness began its daily surrender.
The cold cut me sharply
my gut like a vice.
Suddenly, burners lit the space,
and, slowly, the fabric lifted.
My knuckles are white,
I look into the abyss,
earth is falling away.

©Paul Cannon




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22 responses to “It’ll Be Fun!

  1. Oh my! I can feel the anxiety mounting! Did it lessen? I have always wanted to do this, but I think my knees would turn to jelly!

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  2. Very intense, really conveys the experience of acrophobia (if that’s the right term?)

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  3. Powerful post, Paul. I’m standing on the precipice next to you with weak knees and a pounding heart…

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  4. I guess it’ll be my feelings too when I ride one. I’m afraid of heights so it’ll be a really terrifying experience for me.

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  5. lync56

    Really good


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  6. lol you big whoose! I’m not keen on heights but I had to go … at first it’s unnerving but then interest in the landscape below takes over and you forget all about it. Well worth the effort I assure you …. well written Paul!

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