Free Spirits

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Ani Pachen (1933 – 2002), better known as the Warrior Nun, a Tibetan freedom fighter. She was captured by the Chinese army in 1959 and held until 1981 – 21 years in prison, she was 48 yrs old. She continued to oppose Chinese occupation of Tibet and took part in rallies and protests, fleeing to India in 1989 because she was facing arrest yet again.

Free Spirits

We apprehended futility and held it as our own,
never stopping to think of consequence.
Logic held no sway,
there was no song,
the soil of our hearts rooted no doctrine,
myths and legends were our truths.
We slept in the open and spoke in ravines,
ate haute cuisine from tins,
punished our fantasies and banished our doubts
as we passed through Falkirk, Culloden, Lexington,
and struggled at Eureka,
countered in Prague,
threw out shoes in Manila and turned orange in Kiev.
We played with protest,
shouldered riot and uprising,
captured yet not imprisoned,
we remained free spirits held by passion,
undaunted, determined.
Our very breath was inviolate,
this was our victory,
to be present.

©Paul Cannon




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27 responses to “Free Spirits

  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing

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  2. This is a great tribute for her.

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  3. Nasuko

    From Mongolian history, Tibet and Uyghur has been from the origin.”Han” is one of an ethnic group and Han’s irredentism are Wrong. It is terrible human rights suppression.

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  4. This one takes my breath away. Bless you Paul!

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  5. This is such a beautiful ode to a strong warrior.

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  6. Excellent piece Paul.

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  7. Beautiful tribute to those who shoulder the responsibility of speaking truth to power and dedicate their lives to the burden of walking the talk.

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  8. lync56



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  9. The picture is so pleasing, thanks … the sentiments expressed so true!
    So many were in concentration camps but their spirits and beliefs were never crushed … they only had compassion for the tormentors … doubt I could do it 🙂

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  10. MNL

    She’s an amazing person. I don’t think many have her courage.

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  11. Fantastic tribute 👏👏👏


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