On The Inside

Nondescript – Word of the Day



On The Inside

but to the day worn weary
I am perfect respite,
I am deep conversation,
friendship as gathered at table,
shoulder for tears,
Do not judge hastily,
a nondescript teacup on the outside,
my beauty lies on the inside.

©Paul Cannon





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49 responses to “On The Inside

  1. Beauty surely lies within. Nice post dear 🙌 thanks for sharing

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  2. Reblogging this to my sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”

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  3. True. Very good message.

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  5. It truly does. Spoken like a true tea lover.

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  6. Just as surely as yours lies there, too.

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  7. I nominated you for the RAKA AWARD, see my page for the post.

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  8. MNL

    I do agree that beauty lies on the inside but I love that teacup! the earth and rust, the naturalness of the colors and the wonderful texture.

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  9. Very nice, Paul! 🙂
    Excerpt from the ancient Gospel of Thomas, (saying 89):
    Jesus said, “Why do you wash the outside of the cup?

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  10. Not a receptacle, a representation of emotional context …

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  11. if only we could look at what’s inside, there would be new colours we don’t have names for yet. i like this uplifting read

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  12. Nasuko

    I think so, too.
    True Beauty lies Within,and Inner Beauty is Overflowing.
    Your inner beauty might be overflowing!!:D

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  13. lync56

    Wow this is amazing – you must publish


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  14. Thank you for your continued inspiration. This is a read more then once piece. I love the symbolism. Such admiration for the way you express yourself with messages.

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  15. the inside is what counts and sharing that cuppa opens so many doors!

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  16. Love the picture you used to accompany the beautiful words. Beauty on the inside, that’s what matters!

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