Spring Is In The Air

Zealous – Word of the Day


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One person’s liberator is another persons dictator. The end of National Socialism in 1945 (well, temporary end) saw the liberating Soviet army take control of Eastern Europe. But the Soviet proved to be as unpalatable as the Nazis, and hence a number of attempted coups and uprisings, especially the one in Hungary 23 October – 10 November 1956, where a student protest turned into a people’s uprising. The students were indeed zealous for change, and their zeal inspired others to rise up with them. The uprising was sadly crushed by the overwhelming might of the Soviet army. October the 23 is now a national holiday in Hungary.


Spring Is In The Air

Khaki is not my colour,
I crave pastels, boldness, whites.
Steel grey is so depressing,
like never ending winter,
the threat of cold death,
faces lost,
love buried.
Truth is everywhere, that’s how
Newspeak lobotomizes.
Apparatchiks, whose fetid lies,
like open sewers,
Are a stench and a stain
on flesh and blood,
like bruises and broken bones
their words crush souls.
Your flags do not warm me,
they are but a noose,
a suicide note to history.
But we stand together
preferring death to misery,
no acquiescent autumn
rather, to be spring
to be fertile possibility.
So we wave at you and smile,
a smile your scowl cannot quell.
Our solitary prayer,
that your bullets will be poppies
and your tanks be doves.
That you will at last surrender,
not to us,
but to your true selves,
to humanity,
and kiss your distorted “I” goodbye.

©Paul Cannon





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27 responses to “Spring Is In The Air

  1. Such deep and wonderful comment and poem.

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  2. That last five lines are nothing but genius

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  3. excellent words.
    Ana says the last 5 lines, and she’s right.
    but you got me with the 1st line.

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  4. MNL

    Ironic when “liberators” turn out to be another group of controllers. Freedom is scarey to a lot of governments.Some control is necessary, of course. I do want people to obey the red lights so I know when to go. And given the human tendency to be prejudiced, I am all for laws to protect folks for their skin, religion, or whatever. It’s a balancing act, I suppose. How much freedom balanced against how much control works to give a country the most breathing room to grow and prosper without folks feeling like it’s ok to be violent, destructive or run redlights — that’s the question of our times.

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  5. Wow, this is superb!❤️

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  6. lync56

    Excellent poem


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  7. This poem is so powerful Paul. Such a strong comment.

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  8. Lol…. I love the prom. Nice one

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  9. Nasuko

    In continental Europe, there is a long history of land struggle and religious.
    sooner than later, our civilians need to escape from the era of Financial capitalist(group) exploitation and We must keep going towards our Future with Keep head up.

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  10. wow so powerful and profound, love every word of it … “your bullets will be poppies
    and your tanks be doves.”, have heard something similar before but it encapsulates everything I believe in … kill the ego and let humanity flourish!

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