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The Pied Cormorant, commonly called “Shag”, though this is erroneous, because originally shags and cormorants were distinct, now the term has become interchangeable (though that is now in dispute). The name Cormorant evolved from and is derived from the Greek meaning Bald Raven (φαλακρος κοραξ) and later from the Latin corvus marinus or sea raven. It was orginally thought that the Cormorant was relative of the raven (up to the mid 16th C.), mainly becuase of its hooked beak. In the photo, taken on the Blackwood River a few years ago, the one at the back right is displaying the Cormorant’s particular wing drying habit, having dove into the water pursuing fish. As we passed by they had called out. Now they are not as discordant as a Raven or a Black Cockatoo, but nor are they a sing-song bird that can charm the ear with…

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6 responses to “Cacophany

  1. I’ve no idea why, but your interesting post made me hungry to camp beside a lake so I can hear loon calls in the dusk.

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  2. I love aquatic and bird shares. Together they are an awesome topic. In this hot Summer weather the photos are soothing. I love to spend time with birds …. they need Not sing, I love being in their presence.

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  3. And many thanks too for the remote ambiance and Summer breeze. Have a good forthcoming week, pvcann.

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