The Underlying Story

Vex – Word of the Day

businessman-holding-a-wine-glass-140672303-59558e4f3df78cdc295d1f46 2.jpg

The underlying Story

That look?
Oh, um, well, you know.
Well, the way you fiddle with the wine glass.
Really, after all these years?
You never mentioned it before.
Well it never bothered me before.
But now?
Yes, so annoying.
Yes, really.
So, how should I hold it (purely rhetorical of course).
Oh, no, I shouldn’t, you know, it’s no big deal.
But it clearly is (where’s this going?).
(a different tack)
So, what happened at work today?
You frowned, your eyes were moist.
It was just awful …
Tell me about it …
The wine glass smiled knowingly.

©Paul Cannon



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15 responses to “The Underlying Story

  1. Nasuko


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  2. Deep meaning, beautifully expressed.Thank you

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  3. Haha the conversations me and my fictional French husband usually have in the fiction world…just kidding but good one. Well penned! 🙂

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  4. a very vexed wine glass, great creative way to demonstrate the prompt!

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  5. lync56

    Another great poem


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