An Anamnesis of Joy

Redolent – Word of the Day


On the road to Jindalee, one of many places where a breakaway occurs creating sharp contrasts in colour and texture.


An Anamnesis Of Joy

To listen for the sound where there is none,
save for the elegance of birdsong,
nature’s grand opera.
Or a whistling breeze, when it can be bothered
to sigh along the gullies and through the trees.
The smell of eucalyptus, like laundry day,
nanna removing stains the old way.
Dust in my nostrils as my soles kiss the earth,
the crunch of grit,
and that dry feel of summer’s arrival.
The familiar buzz of flies,
a bead of sweat
released from winter’s cold cell.
And, overwhelmed by a sense of joy,
wanting to tell everyone,
I exclaim, again,
to no one in particular,
“I have no words!”
Just the silent liturgy of feeling,
An anamnesis of joy,
of a past now present once more.

©Paul Cannon




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24 responses to “An Anamnesis of Joy

  1. Beautiful photo, I love mother nature and very nicely composed poetry.

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  2. Paul, how absolutely wonderfully these words float along, quietly and unhurriedly.

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  3. “I have no words”…yes that feeling bursting deep in your soul that nature arouses…

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  4. Aaaaah – another gorgeous one!

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  5. Such a beautiful poem evokes so many feelings of different seasons and yes I learned a new word.

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  6. Nasuko


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  7. So well put how nature moves us to the very core.

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  8. Exquisite, love that sensation and your words and photo depict it well!

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  9. lync56

    I particularly love this poem – it caught my imagination and took me back to a former time


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