Vacant Mind

5 Lines – Vacation


We’ve been more of a camping, bush travelling type of family. But a couple of years ago we decided to take the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. It was a great choice, and a great holiday.

Vacant Mind

Where are you?
mmm … O, sorry, I was miles away.
Really? I could see that.
I was thinking we should go on a holiday.
Yes but you’ve just been, miles away, again.

©Paul Cannon




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16 responses to “Vacant Mind

  1. Short and to the point. That is my way.

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  2. Spot on. This made me smile!

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  3. lol not another space cadet … did you just read Miriam’s post? Love this, have always wanted to do the Ghan and the train Sydney to Perth … doubt the time and funds will come together but it would be great to see a post on the trip please? er the real one not the mind one …

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  4. MNL

    a lot of journeys start in our minds, before we take the first step out the doors. love this

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  5. I am often off somewhere without ever leaving where I am. I don’t mind but it drives other people crazy. Thanks for linking.

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  6. lync56

    Oh how true 😆


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