Blossom – Word of the Day


Another Wattle (Acacia) taken at Manea Reserve, the blossom is always so rich and golden, like miniature suns. Acacia carries a multitude of meanings, including; purity, fortitude, renewal, eternity and love.



After an aeternus
Helios landed with a thud
showering sparks across the land.
It must be so, because
the trees are ablaze,
golden with fire so bright
I averted my eyes, for
I could not hold your gaze.
You possessed me,
devoured my senses.

©Paul Cannon




Filed under astronomy, Country, nature, poetry, Quadrille

31 responses to “Eternal

  1. Fire can be a friend and for sure a foe. The good and bad in one flame.

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  2. The brilliant gold really lights up the landscape.

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  3. Short and so sweet …
    Sandy is a very gifted poet so her regular reading and comments is super high praise 🙂

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  4. that was a beautiful image with words, of a descent that exploded in colour, yellow is earth’s joy

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  5. lync56



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  6. Nasuko

    How beautiful!!:D
    Acacia’s meaning,I don’t know.It’s soo greatful !!:D

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  7. I love both the poem and the image. Yellow flowers are my absolute favourites!

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  8. Lovely image and equally beautiful words.

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