Constellation – Word of the Day



Son of Zeus and Danae,
sacker of cities, warrior,
hero by heart,
White Tiger of the West.
When Danae was threatened
you feted Polydectes with the head of Medusa,
that Gorgon.
And later, long before Heracles,
you rescued Andromeda from Cetus.
Many are your deeds,
and, though Homer was tight lipped,
at least Ptolemy gave you a place
after you had gone to the nothern skies.
There your light so shines,
a constellation of hope,
keeping company with your beloved,
keeping watch,
lover of good.

©Paul Cannon



Filed under astronomy, history, Mythology, poetry, Space

18 responses to “Perseus

  1. lol trust you to know all about the stars too … is there anything you don’t know 🙂

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  2. The intricacy of those ‘stellations threw something else into my mind. Do you know about the songlines, Paul? (From Bruce Chatwin’s book of the same title.) Pathways, marked partly physically, but partly etherically through the vast aboriginal wilds of the outback; the original people could navigate them for 1000km by ‘song’. Mysterious thing… if you about it, do tell someday when you get the time. 🙂 Cheers.


  3. Nice one, Paul! I have always been fascinated with the constellation.

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  4. Nasuko

    I like tyis topics !! 😀

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