The Transition

Fragrant – Tuesday Photo Prompt


The gentle fragrance of the winter bloom of Acacia, lovely to see these Wattle trees signalling the coming end to winter and the arrival of the southern spring.


Rain moistened soil
wattle trees glorious
gestation of hope

©Paul Cannon





Filed under bush walking, Haiku, nature, poetry

21 responses to “The Transition

  1. In this part of the world autumn is peeking slowly.

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  2. JayMentor

    Gestation of hope! WOW! I recently read an article about Hope is not a strategy. Very close. Liked it. Regards. Jay

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  3. wow the smell was so strong I started sneezing … wattle does that to me 🙂

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  4. In our country Acacia is a tree but it has the same yellow flowers. It blooms every March. By the way, I loved the short poem.

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  5. Nasuko

    Origin of Acacia is Australia, I did not know! !
    We call Acacia · · ”Mimosa”.
    I like Mimosa flowers! ! 😀

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  6. lync56

    I love these beautiful trees and yes for me the promise of spring and summer to come is always a joyous thought


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