Just Five More Minutes

Loath – Word of the Day


Rain on the Blackwood.

Just Five More Minutes

Rain spattering our roof,
gutters gurgling
as the torrent sluices
down, down,
and further down the doona I snuggle.
The thunder of downpipes,
quiet slick on the glass,
the soft patter of drops on leaves,
such a beautiful sound.
an elbow finds my ribs.
But it’s warm in here.
To no avail,
as the reply comes,
it’s your turn.
An inward sigh,
I’m loath to breach the doona
and face the cold.
Just five more minutes …

©Paul Cannon





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29 responses to “Just Five More Minutes

  1. Wonderfully penned!

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  2. A wonderful read, Paul.

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  3. Congrarulations to your 1000th follower!!!

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  4. Beautiful as usual 👍👌


  5. Anyone would be loath to leave the doona on a rainy day! 😊


  6. Oh how well I know that feeling, well expressed!
    Your followers are booming … your poetry 🙂

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  7. lync56

    Oh how true !!!!



  8. What a beautiful description of the rain and its soothing effect on us.

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  9. perfect! rainy weather and snugggled under the covers, of course its your turn to get the tea!

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  10. Really wonderful penned, with a great corresponding image. Thank you Paul (and excuse another delay. ;-( ) Michael

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