Puzzle – Quadrille 61


Photo from il9.picdn.net/shuttstock/videos/4821848/thumb/12.jpg




you fell into place
empuzzled, complete,
but your pieces dislodged in my tide.
I swept you along
we encompassed amor,
unravelling heart and mind.
Five hundred pieces of dream,
where sky meets with water
and shadows are past,
there’s no looking back.


©Paul Cannon





Filed under life, love, poetry, Quadrille

23 responses to “Uncontained

  1. That’s a journey of two entwined souls moving in same directions with a common goal….. Well penned ✌💕

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  2. Though I am not a poet,I love the meaning.Well expressed.Thank you

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  3. I love the beautiful message you conveyed. Two souls became one.


  4. lync56



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  5. love this quadrille. I haven’t written one in a long time. like how the words tumble into each other

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