Mirror – 5 Lines





Mirror, mirror on the wall, help me discern my noble call
who am I, I desire to know, I’ve read a lot and talked till dawn.
I’ve roamed the world and compassed wide,
but in the end experience shows that
reflexive praxis deeply speaks.

©Paul Cannon


Never, ever discount soul companions or journalling in deep reflection on life and direction.


Paul Cannon,


Filed under Five Lines, life, mindfulness, poetry, self-development

9 responses to “Self-reflection

  1. True meaning of life well said.Thank you for this.

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  2. JayMentor

    I liked the clever use of x and Xi’s 4 times – felt like saying direxion and impact Brexut is showing on British Poets. 😎❤️ joking. 8 liked the poem. Regards jay

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  3. lync56

    Very true


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  4. Well said. Thank you for sharing.


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