Vagrant Days

Serenely – Word of the Day




Vagrant Days

The rest of vagrant days,
of warm pillows and love,
soft morning light leaking in.
The alchemy of coffee and toast.
Holding that moment,
embracing the silence,
a revelation.
Knowing looks with no silent agendas,
the promise of this day,
a promise of serenity.


©Paul Cannon




Filed under life, love, mindfulness, poetry, Quadrille, romance

14 responses to “Vagrant Days

  1. Aha and who doesn’t want these vagrant days.lovely words Paul

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  2. I loved this scene, Paul.

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  3. lync56



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  4. a comfortable homely scene that I could even smell … well written!

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  5. JayMentor

    No silent agenda. I liked it. 😎❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Oooohh, So wonderfully romantic, warm and cozy and just relaxing! What a great piece! Loved this!!!


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