Candor – Word of the Day


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I heard your footsteps pressing down
on surrendered cypress,
above the water singing over rocks,
gently seeking home,
just visiting this humble onsen.

I saw you emerge,
floating through the Hinoki,
its resin so sweet,
an offering in praise of your being.
Cherry blossom pink.

A ritual unfolds.
A pause,
a prayer,
as kimono softens the rock.
Your body supple as a young Sika,
graces the intimacy of water.

An open conversation
I hear with my eyes.
And, though my lips silently babble,
my heart speaks straight,
as my ritual unfolds.
A prayer …

©Paul Cannon


The Latin allows for candor to carry the meaning of brilliance, whiteness, radiance, naturalness and much more.

An Onsen is a hot spring, but has also come to include the bath house alongside. A Sika is a Japanese deer which is also a species common across Asia. Hinoki is a small cypress tree.




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24 responses to “Heavenly

  1. Beautifully written!

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  2. Really delightful … taken to exotic places today in the nicest possible way 🙂

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  3. Wonderful. Loved it. Regards Jay

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  4. It looks like an celestial [heavenly] maiden,Hwwwww ♡♡ :D

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  5. lync56


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  6. This is wonderfully written!


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