You Crazy Ball

Lullaby – Word of the Day



You Crazy Ball

In my child’s mind you were so close
I could have reached out and touched you,
with your pock marked skin, cratered and worn,
mares like parchment stretching for miles and miles.

Helios has retreated for the night,
though his glow still unabashedly bathes you,
and you give it away unselfishly,
as we foment all manner of mishief undercover.

Ptolemy, Galileo, and Nicolaus measured you,
just as you have measured us
with seasons, tides, and crop cycles all mapped,
while Giordano, murdered by ignorance, gave his life for you.

Your fullness, voluptuous and wanton,
your crescent, mysterious and provocative.
We will not go gently into your night
you crazy ball, instead, we’ll be howling.

As the Mopoke creased the night with call,
I lay looking at you and your ancient friends.
Soothed, assured, by your presence,
your strong silence is like a comforting lullaby for me.

©Paul Cannon



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24 responses to “You Crazy Ball

  1. The last two sentences sound wonderful to me.:-)
    You mentioned Bruno and Kopernikus. A lot of scientists worked on understanding of nature..what is the saying: In German “Auf den Schultern von Heroen”. We rest on the shoulders of heroes.

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  2. You have given an ode to such great astronomer and astrophysicists while writing a beautiful poem. Bravo Paul.

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  3. The night sky made more beautiful by your words.

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  4. lync56



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  5. This is amazing.
    I love the moon and her magnetic pull, I read (some years ago) two fabulous books about her effects on our little blue and green planet, I think I still have one somewhere, so many books… I digress. I think it might be time to find them and read them again, they were fascinating, like your poem – lovely.

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  6. Again, Well Writ, beloved friend and Poet, reminds me of a song Josh Groban covers and I do as well in My Mockingbird Version with him. Seemed fitting with your verse.
    The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress
    So many points of view, but one Moon.

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  7. Beautiful! Have you witnessed the lunar eclipse, Paul?

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