My Only Expectation

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My Only Expectation

We started somewhere,
though we started everywhere.
No point can be pinned,
it was a conversation,
a look,
a smile,
a place.

Seasons were our canvass,
and we painted ourselves slow.
Keeping every detail,
a record of our life
in love,
in trust,
in sickness
and in health.

Eros and Aphrodite sometimes came for tea.
And though we stumbled in their shadows,
our sighs smudged the heavens
with abstract utterance,
of caress,
of lips,
of eyes,
of that fleeting synthesis.

We’ve enjoyed so many, many things,
our needs were very few.
Time has gathered us more closely now,
our youth is more within.
Still we paint our canvass,
as life invites us through,
and my only expectation is
I’ll paint this road with you.


©Paul Cannon




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41 responses to “My Only Expectation

  1. Really nice. I adore the last line ❤

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  2. Wonderful. Brought tears – and a smile!

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  3. So so very beautiful post…. And a very professional way of telling our lives ones that they’re our ride or die 👌💕

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  4. lync56

    That is beautiful – it brought tears to my eyes


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  5. wow what a wondrous tribute to a special marriage .. pray your wife has read this?

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  6. So beautiful. I love that canvas imagery.

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  7. ‘The fleeting Synthesis’ I really liked that. Great poem.

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  8. I like this a lot. Well done

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