Love React

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Love React 

I wanted to take a different tack,
to move in anomaly.
Reverse the order of all our conventions,
and introduce a little disorder.

The path of our daily has been, of course,
to complete each other’s lines,
knowing the mind of the other,
predicting the line of our gaze.

There’s no shame in such intimacy,
au contraire, it is to be desired.
But, just now and then, to let ourselves go
and cast our cares to the wind.

To loose the binding of maturity,
be primal, encompassed in glory.
As I woke from this thought I wondered aloud,
how you’d react, if tangoed down in the street.

©Paul Cannon




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27 responses to “Love React

  1. Well I’d love to see people dancing in the street. I’d try to join in (although I can’t tango). 🙂

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  2. So beautiful! I’ll love to “tango” to this!❤

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  3. Is that a request? Then I’m in,.

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  4. This really resonates, as my husband and I marked 42 years of marriage yesterday.

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  5. Tango down the street…aaah…perfect. I love it when Goldfinch dances with me in public. It is crazy lovely!

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  6. lol unexpected sweet ending … got that visual of people dancing in the street, a bit like those ads for the dance shows 🙂

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  7. Sometimes doing something unexpected enlivens a relationship. Tango in the streets sounds just the thing.

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  8. MNL

    love the ending, made me smile

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  9. lync56

    This is very you xx


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  10. I loved this! This is wonderfully written.

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