Finding My Way

Deviate – Word of the Day


I once took an unknown path that led
across lichen encrusted granite.
I slipped and bruised easily.
But I made it to the top.
However,  it wasn’t really that.

I once walked blindly into solid bush
certain it was virgin.
Scratched, sore and hot,
I found the center and a rusted coke can.
So, it wasn’t quite that.

I once climbed a mountain,
a torutous path.
Wind, rain, burning sun.
I reached the awe inspiring summit.
It was almost that.

I once followed a tiny creek line,
there was no trail.
I heard frogs and birds,the rustle of leaves,
I smelt the humus and the sweet air.
It was close to that.

But it wasn’t my conquest,
or my discovery.
It was something deeper,
It was everywhere and everything,
and it was nowhere in particular.

At once it was synergy,
a oneness, a different discovery,
where I belonged in the bosom of the earth,
and it belonged in me.

©Paul Cannon


When was the last time you varied your route? When did you last enjoy a challenge like a side path or rock outcrop, a creek line, frogs, birds, moist earth?

When out in the bush, any possible path or route is likely to be a deviation for me. I am definitely curious and I love surprises and challenges. So another stop along the Norseman –  Hyden Road along the Woodlands Discovery Trail, just to see. A granite outcrop, a running creek, and a view from the rock, birdsong, and a variety of woodland flora. Well worth the deviation for such simple yet rich pleasures, and oneness.



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17 responses to “Finding My Way

  1. Nasuko

    Drop in on the way,it’s getting excited!!:D

    If somebody can find own answer,the Time which end of one’s life may has come.

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  2. I’m always glad to have read our post!

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  3. I’m always glad to have read YOUR post! :))

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  4. Paul this poem is a true masterpiece … blows me away, so love it!
    Going to read it a few more times, thanks 🙂


  5. lync56

    Wow I love this poem – inspiring thought provoking and much food for thought


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  6. Mesmerising !! Loved the poem. It’s so deep yet written with simplicity. Easy to understand.
    I think it’s a real challenge to write around a word. I wonder how do you manage that. It’s not that, put some words together to make a post/poem. What you write is meaningful too. You are talented 👏 !!

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  7. * You are so talented !!

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  8. This is a great post!

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