Nature Rejuvenates

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Redbank Gorge, the beauty of carved rock and the body of water, life abundant.

When were you last on the trail? When did you last encounter nature? When did you last stroll a lake, the park, or the beach? When did you last smell a fresh blossom or admire the lush leaf cover of a tree? When did you last appreciate the movement of water or wind?

It may be that nature doesn’t do it for you, but I can say without a doubt that nature rejuvenates me, body, mind and soul. To smell the air, unlike urban air, unlike carbon infused air, is refreshing. To bask in the warth of the unimpeded glow of the sun is refreshing. To hear the sound of water lapping a shore or singing over rocks is refreshing. To hear and feel the sound of rain, wind, thunder, hail is refreshing. To hear the curlew, owl, honeyeater or magpie is refreshing. Somehow all these things stir my soul, open my eyes – the eyes of my heart. I live in awe of the beauty, but also the depth of nature to speak into my life differently to buildings, concrete, politics, conflict, ego, machinery, drudge, stress … Nature is unpredictable (in the main), uncontainable, it is its very own and no other. Nature is owned by no one, and speaks for itself without agenda. It is truly free to include me (if I am willing of course) and release me through its freshness, its beauty, its uncomplicated relational way of being, and its overwhelming gift of humilty and vulnerability are priceless.

Whether it be birdsong, crickets, cicadas, or the sight of fish in the water, a tortoise on a mission, a kangeroo escaping, or a dolpin in conversation, nature has an impact on my daily being. Nature can be my solace, my meditation, my prayer, my friend, my antibiotic, my next breath …

Nature is something that brings me youthfulness, breath, a sense of being, an awareness of the present moment, and understanding of otherness and a sense of self. Nature is where I refresh, recharge, reframe. In nature I rejuvenate, I am new, playful, differently aware. I hope you are too.

Old branches reach up
ravaged by wind and sun
birds sing me life

©Paul Cannon



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36 responses to “Nature Rejuvenates

  1. I agree…no better medicine than nature.

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  2. Absolutely. Thank you!

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  3. I think nature is the best rejuvenating factor. There’s so much calmness and peace that comes with nature… in my opinion though.

    Nice post, & thanks for sharing

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  4. me too! Best therapy around.

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  5. Lovely!! I hope you don’t mind, I nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award. There’s no obligation, it’s just my way of saying thank you for your great posts. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can do so here:
    Have an awesome day!

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  6. this is connection to country … we have that blessing 🙂


  7. Nasuko

    Very Very Wonderful topics!!:D

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  8. Suzanne

    I completely agree. Experiencing nature can be a really rejuvenating experiemse.

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  9. Same with me. Nature rejuvenates me.

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  10. Like you, I find that nature refreshes me, it clears out the cobwebs from my head, helps me find a place to store the dark things. I haven’t hiked for a year or so, and am not a great hiker, but I very much enjoy the quiet, the solitude, the chance to think without being inundated with noise, news, and demands.

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    • Yes, I can relate to your comment very much, sounds like yu need a hike?

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      • Indeed so! But, with the heat and humidity this summer, it will probably be fall before I actually hike. Heck, I usually go for a 4-mile walk at the park behind our house, but I haven’t even managed that with temps in the 90s and humidity in the 80% – 90% range!

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      • Yes, you need cooler weather and lower humidity for safe walking. We’ve been noting the temp spikes in the northern hemisphere.

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      • Since I have serious asthma, I find it difficult to even go to the grocery in this weather, so I know any major walking or hiking is out of the question until this heat wave breaks. But, fall will be here and then I will catch up! You are in … Australia?

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      • Nasty stuff. Yes Australia.

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      • You guys had a hot summer too, didn’t you?

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      • Yes, though generally we had a cooler one in the west where I am. Normal summers sit with a 34 c mean, and regularly go to 42c. I worked inland for a while and we regularly had 45c and on rare occasion 52c. It can get warm. The east had an unusually hot summer. Where I live in the south west of WA is much cooler, with 28 – 32c being the norm. What’s your norm where you are?

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      • 52C????? That is 125F and that is hotter than I have ever felt. How does one even breathe that air? Just the thought of it makes me feel like taking a cold shower! Yes, my other Aussie friend, Aundrea, lives in the eastern part and she was telling me at the beginning of summer that it was unseasonably hot and miserable. And here I have been complaining about 32C temps! The norm here in summer is around 29C, and we typically have maybe 5-10 days during July-August that it reaches 34-35C. Nothing compared to where you are, obviously. It’s all relative, though. I have friends in Wales who have been complaining about the awful heat this summer, by which they mean 28-29C. It’s what you get used to. So, with those summer extremes, are your winters extremely cold?

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      • Yes it’s what you get used to, that’s it, I’m told by medicos that the blood and the body in general adjust. So yes very relative. Yes, I have relatives in the UK complaining about 32c 🙂

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  11. lync56

    It took me there


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  12. Just catching up on my reading..not sure how I missed this gem! I agree, nature connects my heart and mind engaging all the senses..pure love.

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