My Lissome Soul

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Dame Margot Fonteyn (1919 – 1991) a truly graceful ballerina. James Monahan (Fonteyn, A Study Of The Ballerina In Her Setting) referred to her as delicate and feline. She had an illustrious career dancing with the Royal Ballet. Sir Robert Helpman and Rudolf Nureyev were two of her outstanding dance partners, Nureyev became her sole (indeed, her soul) partner for most of her latter career, and they became very close friends. In a PBS documentary (1990) Nureyev commented that he and Fonteyn danced with “one body, one soul.”

I never saw Fonteyn live, that would have been amazing, but I was at least able to see her recorded performances. She moved with grace and soul and, at times (as in Swan Lake), her movement is itself a meditation, mesmerising.

O to move through life the same, that with the dance of life I might move mindfully and gracefully and with outstanding journey friends of one body, one soul. That my soul be lissome, albeit unburdened, unshackled and free, a meditation.

in my lissome soul
I danced life's curves
like floating blossom

©Paul Cannon



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12 responses to “My Lissome Soul

  1. This is beautiful!

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  2. Watching her dance was indeed a meditative and mesmerizing experience.

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  3. As a child ballerina I held MF right up there but sadly she fell of her pedestal for me at least when I saw Rudolf have to carry her around the stage 😦 She danced well past her use by date and it was such a disappointment although Rudolf exceeded all expectations! Shame I didn’t see her in her prime … but lets meditate and live with that flexibility 🙂

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  4. Wonderful words Paul. I relate it everyday life.

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  5. lync56

    i love the reflection you drew on our personal journey and love the short verse at the end too beautiful as usual


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