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Coming Home

Striving – Word of the Day


Welcome Swallow’s nest underneath the aqueduct at Beringbooding Rock. You can see other. older parts of the nest have fallen away, and the broken one to the right shows the grass lining. This site is ideal for swallows who build mud nests, because this is a water catchment and the swallows can essily collect clay and sand from the edge of the water. The amazing texture is formed as the birds make pellets of the mud and place them one after the other in the form shown above, a little bit like making pottery. You might also note that the nest is solid but not perfect. A bit like my life, solid but not perfect!

“Don’t waste your time striving for perfection, instead, strive for excellence – doing your best.”  Laurence Olivier


Coming Home

There was something I once saw,
and I set my gaze in that direction.
Though somehow, the closer I got,
the further away it seemed.
Until at last it faded from sight,
and I forgot about it.

That was long ago,
in the mist of my own beginnings.
Until again the quest rekindled,
and I ventured forth,
determined, striving, and yet
still a seeker, never fiding.

Esfahan to Marakesh
the road was long and I was weary.
Yet even so,
that crucible of perfection was elusive.
Until at last I turned along the dusty road,
to that familiar place called home.

Nothing is ever lost,
though that one elusive thing I never found.
And I know it never will.
Instead I let go the quest
and found the path,
as I came home to me.


©Paul Cannon




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Your Gift Of Light

Mirth – Word of the Day




Your gift of Light

I once sat in a darkened room,
no sliver of light under the door,
a thorough black.
Though, I wasn’t alone.

I sighed, just a contented sigh.
The sigh of a good day’s end,
astringent wine and camembert,
and you.

The day has now flown,
night has encamped.
We forgot the light and
sat knowing without seeing.

I asked if you remembered.
You know, that time?
Your smile sparkled,
a galaxy of its own.

©Paul Cannon



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Nature’s Galleries


Also spelt – sussurus, sussurrous.


The trail skirts the rock at Elachbutting Nature Reserve.

Nature’s Galleries

Plumes of breath
as warmth greets chill air.
Leaving the cocoon,
I embrace the moment,
solace in the billy.

The sun catches up and,
peaty mounds are steaming.
And despite the damp,
leaves crackle underfoot,
such is the nature of eucalypts.

The haunting sound of sheoaks
rustling in the breeze,
entwining as lovers.
Grasses faintly whipping,
softly sweeping.

The trail fills my nostrils,
woos my ears and delights my eyes.
that sensual dawn symphony,
joy for the expectant soul.

Soft drizzle a bejewelled gossamer.
captivated, I move along,
one gallery to the next.
A masterpiece on every side,
unseen, curators scuttling along.

©Paul Cannon



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Mystery Blogger Award

A big thank you to for the nomination, a pleasant and welcome surprise. There’s something about how we can encourage each other and at the same time learn more about each other this way. Please visit Michele’s Blog and soak up the goodness.

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

The “‘Mystery Blogger Award’ is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates, it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.”

Okoto Enigma

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate other bloggers.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Questions
  • 1 What is the most moving part of blogging for you? For me it is the acceptance and encouragement of the blogging community.

    2 Where do you draw your inspiration from for you blog posts? Nature, relationships, love, philosophy, life, experience, spirituality, the list is long.

    3 Why did you choose WordPress as your blogging platform? I had tried other forms but WordPress has a very positive and active community.

    4 What has surprised you most about blogging? The generosity of encouragement has been a very pleasant surprise.

    5 How has blogging enhanced your life? Blogging has given me a wonderful network of inspiring and creative people, I have a place to share my writing, I have a community of encouragement around me, and I am able to encourage others, there’s a healthy mutuality.

    I nominate the following 5 bloggers:

    Rolandomio Travel

    English On You Mind

    Midwest Fantasy Writes

    Philosophy Through Photography

    Life, More Than Existence!

    My Questions For My Nominees
    1 What got you started in blogging?
    2 What do you avoid in blogging?
    3 Is there a style of writing you’d love to try?
    4 have you changed in the way you blog since starting?
    5 What is your next move in blogging?

    Thanks again to Michele’s Blog for the nomination,

    Happy blogging everyone,



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    Siren of the Bay

    Enticing – Word of the Day


    ‘Woman On The Beach’  found at

    Siren Of The Bay

    The sun strikes noon
    as my feet turn in the warm, gritty sand.
    I pick up my towel,
    my skin blessed with salt,
    and brush it down.

    I wander back, retracing the shore,
    the boistrous crowds behind.
    Gulls screeching, fighting over scraps.
    The breeze surrendered,
    waves languid.

    Such a glorious idyl,
    The horizon a shimmering mirage.
    Silence, alone, in my head.
    Wrestling with demons,
    hoping for angels.

    I stumble,
    looking up to see if anyone saw,
    your movement caught my eye.
    You smiled, open, enticing, sparkling,
    siren of the bay.

    In a heart beat I ponder.
    Should I say something, respond?
    He sits up next to you, wondering,
    my ardour vacates and I wander on,
    hoping for angels.

    ©Paul Cannon




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    We Can Too!

    Potential – Word of the Day

    Redgate Beach, south of Margaret River. The beach was closed yesterday, in fact, I couldn’t even see it. The winds were gale force earlier in the day, and still strong in the afternoon, whipping the water in to shore, and making it difficult to keep a steady hand for filming. The western shore contains a variety of examples of rock formations that have been weathered by waves, and when you see the power of the water, it is no wonder.

    Water is powerful, and in many ways. Wave power as an idea, a theory, has been around for years, though one the earliest attempts is still recent – Scotland, 1991. The long history of shipping has relied on water, and has also suffered from the volatility of storms at sea. The same can be said for the fishing industry, tourism, military purpose, exploration and more. Rivers and other sources of land based water have been critical for the survival of all species. Plants and animals vary as to percentage but all have a foundational volume of water that constitutes their being. Science has variably said that water is 80% of the human body, I say variably because others say it is even higher.

    Water is fundamental for survival, dehydration is deadly for any species. And water, though abused by, is also fundamental to industry and manufacturing at every level. We know the absence of water contributes to desertification, and evidence from other planets shows that lack of water equals lack of life.

    The potential of water goes back to the dawn of time, and onwards to the floating gardens of the Aztecs, Roman baths and aqueducts, the farming of rice, fish farming, reticulated agriculture, and the generation of electricity (hydro-power).

    With climate change as a reality, even fiction, like the post apocalyptic story of Waterworld, seems less far fetched than when it hit the cinemas in 1994. Water is seen as part of our daily survival need, but also part of our future as once again, floating gardens, floating communities, hydroponics, aquaculture, and responses to climate problems like flooding, see Practical Action    have become exciting options for ways forward.

    And yet, we are far more diverse than water. The human is complex, and, beyond the primitive brain, unique in brain capacity for problem solving, design, learning, creating, conceptualising, and comprehension, to name a few potentials. We too can be a positive power in the world, veritable tsunamis of ideas, science, engineering, chemistry, the arts, and more. We too generate energy. And we have the potential to creatively solve the issues before us.

    We can contribute to life, we are powerful, we can be creative, eroding and wearing down the barriers and the negatives, shaping and sustaining life and potential worlds and communities,  we too are fundamental to nature though by good or ill, depending on how we value nature. We have the potential to turn around the whole climate change issue. Like water, we have to pool, pond, and gather together to get it done. Even the formation of water, hydrogen and oxygen is a metaphor for working together to achieve an outcome. One drop of water is just one drop of water, but many drops are potential, are power, resource, possibility, together we are an ocean of potential.

    The ground was hard
    many seeds to be planted
    neighbours helping
    ©Paul Cannon


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    Our Peregrinations

    Amble – Word of the Day

    Amble On …

    S4300084 2.jpg

    Deepdene, between Hamelin Bay and the Augusta lighthouse, the water worn rock is a fabulous site as you come around the bend on the Cape to Cape Track.



    Our Peregrinations

    Once you said we should go
    out beyond the cliffs,
    down to the beach
    and restore our senses.

    We strolled,
    All the while rejoicing.

    We dared to tread seaweed
    al dente, or crisp.
    Feasted on moist salt air,
    and drank in the shimmer of the sea.

    We skirted the edges of foamy wash,
    then paddled,
    retreating once again.

    We laughed,
    we traded soul.
    Invited to each other,

    That afternoon along the shore
    we navigated love,
    immersing, never retreating,
    washed, found, and whole.

    ©Paul Cannon





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    Patina Of July

    Woebegone – Word of the Day


    The Blackwood River, winter is here.



    you camped at my window.
    The constant patter of your tears
    blurring, intangible,
    drawing me to uncertanity.

    the ache of melancholy,
    grey clouds,
    heavy laden.

    Tears born of sadness,
    become streams of redemption.
    Washed earth

    I opened my window
    and bathed in your wellspring.
    You drank my darkness,
    I swallowed your love.

    ©Paul Cannon




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    Ruby Bridges

    Integrated – Word of the Day


    It’s 1960, the Kenyan Crisis ended, Kennedy announced his run for the US presidency, the Beatles haven’t yet come to the fore, Adolf Eichman is captured by Israeli agents, ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ is published, a number of former colonial countries become independent, the Civil Rights Movement was gaining ground in the US, the US sends troops to Vietnam, 100,000 people attend “Ban the Bomb” rally in London, D.H. Lawrence’s “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” on sale 32 years after it was banned, Chubby Checker popularises the Twist, Sirimavo Bandaranaike – first female PM (Sri Lanka) Ceylon, folk music moves into protest, and a number of rights movements begin, and with the pill and a number of other birth control methods the sexual revolution gathers momentum. When you read the detail of the time, they were heady days, with dramatic change

    And yet … we have the scene above. The beginning of integration for black and white students in American schools.  Ruby Bridges six years old, and who passed the enrolment test, was the first African- American student to be enrolled in the formerly all-white Wiiliam Frantz Elementary School, escorted to and from school by four federal marshals! Incomprehensible, despite the historical data showing how it came to be. Bridges endured running the gauntlet of a hostile white protest every day for twelve months, parents removing their children in protest, grafiti, people yelling slurs and hate. She spent twelve months alone with her teacher, Barbara Henry, and child psychologist Robert Coles. Eventually more African-American students were enrolled and the furore died down. Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978) immortalised Bridges bravery in the painting “The Problem We All Have To Live With.”

    Bridge’s father lost his job and the family were refused service at their local store. Though neighbours organised another job, and some white people stood with the family, it was a tough year. But everyone involved in the integration praised Ruby for her bravery.

    Ruby Bridges became a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement, the brave child who survived the hostile resistance to integration. I certainly feel inspired by her stance and determination.

    If you read her story and watch the archive footage on Youtube, you can see the determination on her face, which tells me she was integrated psychologically. Carl Jung argued that maturity at core was individuation – the ability to separate oneself from others as an identity. Clearly six year old Ruby was able to do that. If only we’d follow suit. How wonderful it would be to lived in a world where skin colour, language, religion/philosophy, culture, nationality, were of no significance, but where the freedom to be yourself, where communities are integrated and psychological maturity are the mark of every person, imagine that!

    Gray is not an option, colour is to be celebrated, melanin is no measure intellect, spirituality, ability, or the right to exist, we are people, varied and beautiful, let’s live that.

    “No one (man, sic) will ever be whole and dignified and free except in the knnowledge that the people around them (men, him) are whole and free and that the world itself is free of contempt and misuse.”  Wendell Berry

    “The world does not need white people to civilize others. The real White People’s Burden is to civilize ourselves.” Robert Jensen

    offensive by day
    colour is perception and light
    darkness cured blindness
    ©Paul Cannon




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    Five Letters

    Petulant – Word of the Day


    A top end Grass Wren, Alice Springs. Not really petulant, just looked that way.


    Five Letters

    Five letters undid you.
    Swayed you from that perverse course.
    Jaw set firmly,
    flashing eyes,
    flushed cheeks,
    casting a thousand, silent words.

    That feeling of caged,
    held against your vaguest ideal.
    Word wrangling,
    as meaning evaporated effortlessly,
    and you were powerless to hold them.

    Uncooperative tongue
    just would not form the words of your heart.
    “But you don’t understand.”
    Tears speak louder,
    shouting “listen.”
    Silence reigned.

    My heart imploded,
    dissonance, like a Dali painting.
    A cypher of chrysalis.
    A new birth.
    Five letters undid you, and me.

    ©Paul Cannon





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